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Kimberlee Frank and her entire team at Sell Fast Realty were absolutely amazing with me through the entire process of selling my mother’s house. We live in New York and the house we were wanting to sell is in Florida so that in itself is a hassle. Kimberlee made it so easy and made every accommodation for me and my mother to get our house sold. I thought my mother was going to have to take a trip down to Florida in order to be there for the closing, but Kimberlee got me all the paperwork and took us through the process step-by-step.

She is a very hands-on agent as opposed to behind the desk and that was a huge factor for me. My last agent’s correspondence with me was strictly through emails and I never heard what his voice sounded like because he was never available to take any of my calls. Kimberlee called, texted and emailed me to always keep me updated throughout the entire process. In addition to that, she made sure to always be on site if there was a project in the house. We redid all the floors of the property and Kimberlee was right there inspecting the company’s job making sure everything was up to her standards of excellence.

I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Kimberlee and her entire staff at Sell Fast Realty are and I would recommend them to anyone in Florida who is looking to sell or rent a home. The really are the best at what they do!

Miran Nasharty


I recently found myself in a situation where I need to sell my home, but I could not sell it for what I owed and it was no longer worth what I paid for it. I consulted an lwyer to find out what rights I had as an upside-down home owner and what tax penalty’s I would be responsible for. I was referred to Sell fast Realty and Kimberlee Frank by a friend in the Real Estate field. That’s when my anxiety and fear left me. When you talk to Kimberlee you can tell that through her own experience with a foreclosure and years of experience she knows her stuff!


Kimberlee and her staff were so knowledgable and professional. they took charge of the whole process. Talking to my bank and letting me know what I needed to say to them and what documents I would need to provide. The whole process from start to finish took only 9 months, which in terms of a short sale is remarkable.

If you are in need of an expert or just whant to “get the facts” I highly recommend Kimberlee Frank and her Team. Kristin was my contact through the whole process and she truly made it a suprisingly easy process.

Nancy Taylor



Dear Kimberlee,

I want to thank you for all of your hard work for selling my house. You
stood by my side every step of the way and made this process easy for me and
my family. I know there were a lot of challenges and you told me not to
worry everything will be fine. I highly recommend Sell Fast Realty they
work very hard for there clients.
Jaclyn M.





I want to thank you for selling my commercial builder quicker than the previous realtor that I had.  I had the property listed for over 1 year and no offers.  Once I listed with you, it the building was sold fast.  You truly live up to your name “Sell Fast Realty”.

Thank you so much and I would refer all of my clients to you.

Art Meade
Winter Springs, FL



To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to personally thank Kimberlee Frank and her staff for helping my husband and me sell my deceased son’s condo.  There was a lot of problems associated with the sale but Kimberlee and her staff did everything in their power to “get the job done.”  They went above and beyond what a normal real estate company would do.

Wanda E




March 20, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I would like to personally thank you for selling our rental property through a Short Sale. Sell Fast realty took the stress from us. Your company obtained the documents needed from us, then took care of all communication with the bank. We were so happy when we received the email titled: Short Sale Approved/ Deficiency Waived!! The closing process was easy and most of all we didn’t have to bring any money to the table. Thank you so much Sell Fast realty!!


Larry Starks




My husband and I could not be happier with our experience working with Sell Fast Realty and our realtor, Linda Trimpey. During the entire short sale process, Linda showed herself to be hard working and determined. In spite of the ups and downs of a short sale process, Linda was positive and very helpful. There were no details that went undone or unnoticed. I don’t know what we would have done without her. We are so thankful to have worked with her and had her superb help and experience along the way.

Bryan and Sarah





Well, you did it, ladies!  It’s sold!!!  THANK YOU!
We are grateful for your hard work to get this property sold for us.
God bless you,

Tom and Judi L
Boynton Beach, Florida



August 22, 2013


I just want to thank you for the months of effort that you put into our short sale.  Short sales are anything but short and are so frustrating we were glad to have you on our side and making sure the process went as smooth as possible.  Thankfully with your expertise you were able to ensure our short sale got approved and the bank waived any contributions on our part.  Your team was great at staying on top of us and making sure we got the documents back to you quickly to keep the process moving.  I would recommend you to anyone doing a short sale in Florida.

Katie and James Force





“My wife and I wish to thank you, Judy and all of Sell Fast Realty for all your hard work in getting our home sold. We would never believe it if you told us it would take three years and multiple interested parties until it was sold. Thank you for taking us through the process, as we had no idea what steps to take and you were all there to guide us through it. We really appreciate all the long and stressful hours you put in to make this happen for us! Again many, many thanks to you and your team!”

Rod and Ann Hanson, Orlando, FL



Dear Kimberly,

“I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and diligence you and your team put forth in the closing of my home. I can’t say enough about Judy and the staff’s knowledge and insight was invaluable while Judy’s follow through and updates proved encouraging when I was down in the dumps about the status of my house. I would also like to acknowledge the professionalism of your staff at Sell Fast Realty that was working behind the scenes to help make my closing a reality. Your team moved quickly on many request and at times moved faster than me. Kimberly, I also wanted to thank you for discussing and handling personal situations between me and my ex. That proved to be one less burden I needed to deal with during this time. It is individuals like yourself and staff that makes a difference to people like me in tough situations.”

Sincerely, Pat Sullivan, St. Cloud, FL


Dear Kimberlee:

“I wanted to thank you for being able to assist in the short sale of my house. Although it is not an easy or quick process, you were able to make the experience as pain free as possible by updating me on major milestones, providing me with multiple options and their hypothetical outcomes along with being upfront about the possible scenarios. I believe it is important to run a business with full disclosure and transparency when discussing the process and outcomes with a consumer.

I would recommend both you and Chris and Sell Fast Realty for the services that you were able to provide me during this crucial life experience. Although it is not pleasant to have to go through a short sale due to unforeseen circumstances, you both were able to provide peace of mind that the best possible options were being explored and examined. Thank you again for both of your dedication and hard work.”

Sincerely, Leonard Pollard, Claremont, FL



Dear Kim:

“Thank you so much for your expert help with my short sale. You took what was a horrible, scary situation and turned it completely around. Your professionalism and tenacity has lifted a huge financial burden off my shoulder. I can now move forward to build a new life. The peace of mind you provided me is invaluable. You and your staff have my deepest gratitude.”

Miss Michele Kelly, Longwood, FL



Our church had been under the bondage of debt and we had been trying to sell our building for more than two and a half years. Unknowingly our church was placed in slavery. The Scriptures states; “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.”  Pr 22:7 (NRSV) By this time our church had been in forbearance, and was still unable to keep up with the steep monthly payments to the bank.

In 2008 the bottom fell out of the commercial real estate market. The bank threatened to foreclose on us several times, but we kept the lines of communication open and the bank was gracious in giving us some time to sell the property while we made some modest payments for a while. The bank tried to sell the property in a portfolio sale with some of their other distressed properties. But by the Grace of God that sale was disrupted.  I had attended Kimberlee’s Short Sale training and had worked on a couple of residential short sale deal.

After trying to sell the church for such a long time, it became clear that with the down turn in the commercial market we were not going to get buyers at the appraised value of the property. After getting current comps of commercial properties in the area we determined that we were upside down like the rest of the market.  While trying to deal with this dilemma and the responsibilities of pastoring a church, it became clear that I was not equipped to negotiate this deal.  I did all the upfront work that I had learned from Kimberlee, but I kept asking her for advice on what to do with the bank and she gave me some pointers as I went along.

Then one day Kimberlee called and said that the Lord had directed her to negotiate the short sale for the church. We were excited and relieved, because God had answered our prayer for a way to get out from under the burden of this debt. Kimberlee and her staff got to work and things began to come together. She got the bank to agree to accept a reduced price of about one million dollars off the loan amount and to even allow our church to keep some of the proceeds of the sale price.  Hallelujah!

The listing agent found a buyer and she helped negotiate a deal that got us a church building free and clear and over $250,000 cash. We are now debt free and with a complete worship facility. We truly are “Free To Serve” the true and living God!  We thank you, again Kimberlee Frank and your wonderful staff for your help. We Praise God for His Amazing Grace and His Awesome Power! This was indeed a God-sized move!  Free To Serve,    

Pastor Erven Kimble– Senior Pastor



After numerous attempts to sell our home with various agents, it became a reality shortly after listing with Sell Fast Reality. When first approached to re-list our home, after the listing had expired with another agent, I was very unsure of whether I wanted to re-list and especially with a company I no previous relationship with. Soon after speaking to the agents at Sell Fast Reality, I became comfortable with not only their personality, but with their professionalism and real estate experience and expertise.
Our home was difficult to sell for many reasons, and being upside down by over 100,000 dollars I lost hope that my condo would ever sell. But Sell Fast Reality gladly accepted the challenge, and sold my condo in a short period of time. Not only did they sell my condo in 2 weeks, but they negotiated with the bank and I walked away owing nothing. For these reasons, I am confident to recommend Sell Fast reality to anyone who is considering selling and is unable to decide on whom to list with. Sell Fast Reality really will sell your property fast!
Mr. Deval Davis, Altamonte Springs, FL


Dear Kristen, Kimberly and Staff,

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU so very much this wouldn’t been possible without your dedication and care..

When I thought my life couldn’t get any worse.. My husband losing his job first then me losing my job not to mention four children, now as parents we felt we failed them.. Couldn’t make payments on our house of 6 years. Forced to foreclose, banks would help us after numerous attempts even speaking to a lawyer who took our little money and not help us… We gave up!! One night my husband had to go get some water from the grocery store, he never goes to Windixie that evening he did.. He parked next to this truck that said on the windows Fast Short Sales etc.. He waited to meet this person and there she was to me an Angel by the name of Kimberly they spoke then the next day you came to see us.. Telling how you will help us and educated us of what a Short Sale is even with some complication in our house like Termintes.. and also, the bank that you had to deal with on our behave.. You and your staff took care of everything, I couldn’t believe how amazing you all were.. After a few months of great communication and hard work from you guys the day came on April 27, 2011 we completed our closing on our Short Sale..  I can’t thank you enough!!!
There is always reasons for everything and we can’t question God why but know that one, one door closes another one opens!!

We are in our new home rented of course but my still out of a job but I was blessed to find another job and we started over and very happy.. Thank you so much for helping us!!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!   

Sincerely, Victor and Laila Nemeh, Winter Springs, FL


To Whom it May Concern:

Evelyn Good and Kimberlee Frank are really “good” and “frank.” They were the agents who helped us to short-sell our property on the Wekiva River, which we had bought at exactly the wrong time, expecting naively to sell our home in Celebration and move, but without any contingency. This was a high end, one of a kind, “quirky” property, without any real comps, that we were buying for almost $1 million, at the very top of a highly over-inflated market.

They marketed this unique property aggressively and went through several cool and warm leads before the right buyer showed up. We then helped them to hold firm in their negotiation with the buyer, the predatory bank, JP Morgan/Chase, and eventually, after lots of back and forth, a deal was struck. The eventual purchase price was a real bargain for the new owners, but knowing they were fighting for us took a huge amount of stress off of our shoulders. Now it is between our accountant and the IRS to see how we actually come out of the deal.  Along with our attorney, Charles Castellon, Evelyn and Kimberlee held our hands through this entire long and arduous process, taking care of the paperwork and relieving us of the need to answer to the collection agency or the Bank’s attorneys.

We slept well at night knowing that we had these two fighters on our side. We were reluctant to do anything without legal counsel, and they supported our dependence on our attorney who helped reassure us of the propriety of the agreement we finally reached, and together we got through the ordeal of the sale and the closing.

Also expect no nonsense or sugar-coating from Evelyn and Kimberlee, as you know signing up, they are good, but they are frank. What you can expect is straight talk, attention by them to the stressful details you would not like to pay attention to yourselves, and tough negotiation to get your property moved as rapidly as is possible given the present trying circumstances.

If we had to go through this hell again we would ask them to go with us.  

Best regards,  Dave and Thelma Finnigan, Celebration, FL



A note of Thanks to the staff of Sell Fast Realty, Kimberlee, Kristen, & Bobbie.  The response and understanding of the type of housing we were in need of as well as the personal attention given to meeting these needs were professional and successful.  We were very pleased as well as comfortable with the knowledge of the housing market and the attention to detail  of our need for comfort, safety and convenience.

Thank you Mrs. Frank for providing us with your personal time and transportation.  It is with great appreciation for outstanding service provided by the Sell Fast Realty Staff we refer their services.

Respectfully, Pastor Valerie Pinnix, Altamonte Springs, FL