Sellers know they don’t HAVE to pay 6% anymore, KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!
The most you’ll pay is 3% for a Realtor to bring you a buyer. However, when you bring your own pay, then you pay NO COMMISSION!!!!






1. Listing on the MLS includes:
  • 6 months listing
  • 12 Photos (interior and exterior)
  • Exposure to Charlotte, Desoto, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, Seminole, Sumter Counties
2. Listing on® for up to 6 months, we upgrade you to the Showcase Listing Enhancements Package which includes:
  • Yellow banner on the Search Results Page
  • Ability to add up to 25 jumbo photos
  • Give us your full motion video and virtual tours to upload
  • Open House alerts
  • Custom headline and property description
  • Printable brochure
  • Animated Sign Rider on your listing
  • Ability to include an animate graphic and/ or linkable text of your choice on the Search


3. Your home is marketed to our personal buyer pool of $3,000+
4. Your home is featured as our Home of the Week to an additional buyer pool
5. Your home is marketed to our Local Real Estate Groups
6. State-association approved contracts and disclosure forms
7. Unlimited MLS changes
8. Prominent listing on Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist, and many others
9. Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) upon request.
10. Seller phone number prominently displayed on the MLS Listing
11. No hidden or additional fees
12. No cancellation fees




What is the actual process?
You pay us a fee, Our real estate company will place your home for sale under Sell Fast Realty. You are listed as the sole contact. REALTORS® with buyers contact you directly if for showings and questions. These REALTORS® will have a fiduciary to you since you are still paying their commission and will be able to assist in the negotiation and writing of the contract with you and their buyer. You will only pay the commission that you have stated on the original listing to the selling agent if they sell your home. Further, you will still be able to sell your home yourself through your ads, marketing or from®, without paying a commission. Your home will also appear in® which is explained below.

What is the Multiple Listing Service?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an extensive database of information on real estate properties listed by real estate brokers and their agents. The MLS is only available exclusively to the paying members of the MLS, providing a large advantage to buyer’s and sellers who utilize the services of REALTORS®. To understand how the process works, when a client contacts an agent regarding a home purchase, the agent will search the MLS for properties meeting their criteria. If a REALTOR® finds a buyer for your house, you will only pay a 3% commission of the sales price and never a listing commission.

A few points regarding the MLS and Listing Agents:
Less than 5% of listing agents actually sell the homes they list. Why? They simply use the power of the MLS by listing the properties for thousands of agents to bring their buyers respective buyers. 85% of home buyers use a REALTOR® to help them locate a property. Why is this important? The answer is simple, REALTORS® use to the MLS to search properties for their clients. The flat fee listing method lists your property on the same MLS that the local REALTORS® use. You can put the power of the MLS to work for you and keep the other 3% commission (the Listing Commission) in your pocket!

Is it true that most houses are sold through REALTORS® and they usually sell for more?
Yes. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, homes listed on the MLS average a higher net of 7% more.

Is the MLS really going to help me sell my house?
Absolutely, listing in the Realtor’s MLS is crucial if you are serious about selling. 85% of home buyers use the services of a real estate agent, and real estate agents use the MLS to search for houses on the market.

How can your services help lower the price of my home?
If you list with a REALTOR® and pay a 6% commission, you may need to increase the price of your home to defray your high commission expense and end up with the healthy bottom line your desire. With our program, you practically eliminate the Listing Commission. This allows you to lower the asking price of your home, making it available to more buyer’s and more competitive with other properties currently for sale.

How long can my property be listed on the MLS for flat fee?
realtorcomThe Gold program includes a 6 month listing; extensions are available at a rate of $75.00 for an additional 6 months.

Will my house be listed on the® website and others?
Yes.® is the largest online property listing site with more than one million five hundred thousand available houses nationwide. This accounts for about 80% of all available houses in the U.S. More than five million potential buyers visit the site each month.® powers sites like AOL, MSN, Excite,, Yahoo, and more!!!! People from the above sites are guided to you!!

Your home will appear here with pictures and a link to your contact information world wide exposure for buyers searching the net. In today’s computer age, having a property here is a must. This is better than having 10 newspaper ads!

If I sell my home ‘by owner’ how much will it cost me?
If you sell your own home to an unrepresented buyer (they also have no REALTOR®) – you only pay the initial flat fee.

Will my listing look different or be less accessible or less noticeable than other listed properties that are paying a full commission?
No! Your listing will appear exactly the same as any other listing with “Full Price” REALTOR®.

How long does it take to get my house in the MLS?
Typically, we can have your property listed the next business day after listing, once we have all of the necessary paperwork signed. After it appears on the MLS it will take an additional 1-3 days to show up on®.

Do I get a receipt for the flat fee service charge?
Sellers will receive a receipt via-email. Once the property listing is entered and appears in the MLS and®, Sell Fast Realty will send you by email, link, or by fax, a copy of the MLS listing and®.

When does Sell Fast Realty bill me for the flat fee service?
Once we receive all the required listing information from you, Sell Fast Realty will bill your credit card. The flat fee service is non-refundable after you are billed.

Can I cancel my flat fee listing with Sell Fast Realty?
Sell Fast Realty does allow you to cancel your flat fee listing (with no refund) as long as it does not have a pending contract or any commissions due to a Realtor.

How long does it take to get the sign & lockbox?
Typically, 2-3 days.

Why do I need to be listed in the MLS?
To gain the greatest exposure! There is simply no substitute for the power of the MLS!

Can I use my own “For Sale” Sign?
Although we do not recommend it, in many cases, you may use your own sign. Some MLS’s and States, however, do not allow a FSBO sign to be used. Keep in mind, traditional REALTORS® will feel more comfortable about receiving their commission if the words FSBO are not included anywhere in your language or signage.

How do I know the MLS information is correct?
We will email or Fax you a copy of the MLS listing for you to review. After you have looked over the listing, we will immediately make any and all changes that you request.

Can I make changes to my MLS listing?
You can email unlimited changes after reviewing the MLS Listing – there is no charge for changes.

When you enter my listing in the MLS, is there a special number to identify my property?
The MLS assigns a specific number so Realtors can easily identify your property, it is printed at the top of your MLS listing so you will also know this number.

If I list with you, will my property be on the same MLS as the local REALTOR® use?
Yes. Your property will listed on the same MLS as used by REALTORS®. 24/7

If a REALTOR® does sell my home do I have to pay the REALTOR® a commission?
question1Yes. When you fill out the documents to list with us, you are asked how much commission you’ll pay to the buyers’ agent. Most sellers offer a commission of 3%; however, the amount you offer is determined by you prior to listing. After you have entered this amount into the MLS, it is NOT negotiable. Sell Fast Realty suggests that you offer 2.5% to 3.5%. Keep in mind that the more you offer, the more motivated the agent might be to sell your home. The standard commission is 3%, anything less may not get as much attention, as REALTORS® get paid commission only and work very hard on each property they sell.

Whose going to do all the paperwork involved?
We will be more than happy to take care of the paperwork for you as apart of our Platinum Program. We will carefully walk you through each and every phase, supplying Professional advice along the way.

Can I upgrade to a full service listing with Sell Fast Realty?
Sell Fast Realty does allow you (the seller) to upgrade services to a full service listing. This means you will pay us the listing commission of 3% and pay a buying commission of 3% for a total of 6% commission. The flat fee listing that you paid will be credited towards a full service listing when the property sells and closes.

How long should I list my home in the MLS?
We recommend 6 months, but you will make the decision of how long you want to have your property listed in the MLS. You can also extend if necessary or desired.

When we list our home with your company, how would other Realtors contact us and go about showing our property?
Sell Fast Realty will list your name and phone number in the MLS, allowing Realtors to contact you directly. At that point, Realtors will make an appointment with you to show your home, it will be up to your schedule when your property can be viewed. (Please make sure the phone numbers you provide are the best way to reach you.) Sell Fast Realty will assist with appointments for customers selling their home through the Platinum Program and Full Listing Service.

How do I go about pricing my home, and do you allow price changes?
Sell Fast Realty will research three to five comparable properties that have recently sold in your area. We will send these comparables with the information packet we provide. If you feel that you priced your home too low or too high we allow two price changes at no fee.

Can I contact Sell Fast Realty via telephone?
Absolutely!!! Sell Fast Realty encourages customers to call if they need more information, assistance with filling out forms, or prefer to work on a personal basis.


emailusYou can reach us at (407) 888-3433 or 1-888-SOS-ASAP or even email at